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Our Work

At The Color of Coffee Collective, our mission is to cultivate a more equitable and diverse coffee industry that benefits everyone. We are committed to providing disenfranchised and diverse youth and young adults with opportunities to pursue their passions in coffee and beyond, creating a lasting impact on the global specialty coffee industry.

We aim to foster a safe and inclusive space for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other identity. Our dedication extends to offering resources and support to underrepresented individuals in the coffee industry through mentorship, job training, and financial assistance.

We are driven by a passion for creating a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration, ensuring that all voices are heard. By promoting equity and diversity within the coffee industry, we believe we can contribute to a more equitable and diverse world.


Coffee Camp

A transformative initiative designed to empower youth and young adults from underserved communities. Our mission is to provide comprehensive education about the specialty coffee industry, equipping participants with essential job skills that will open doors to success in coffee and beyond.

Coffee, Cameras & Community

A collaboration between the photography & coffee communities to highlight the importance of third spaces (such as specialty coffee shops) and the support of such in communities both historically and today.

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Coffee For All

In place of our yearly symposium, our "Coffee For All" program will travel to different regions of the country, bringing education, networking opportunities, and attention to local cafes and community spaces. This initiative aims to fuel economic sustainability and provide essential resources to support the coffee industry.

By meeting people where they are, this program equips individuals with the necessary tools and training to thrive in an ever-changing industry. 

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